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About the Portal

What is the Resource Center Portal?
Cognizant of the role information technology continue to plays in information service delivery the Authority developed an Online Resource Center portal that employs modern Information Communication Technologies to facilitate online access to the rich information held by the Resource Centre.
The Resource Centre Portal is geared towards making more information content available online and to remove geographical barriers in accessing of the same. The portal will act as an interface to the Resource Centre information and services through a single access and management point for the public.
What are some of the Key Features of the Resource Center Portal?

  • Unique electronic collection of financial statements and accounts for all the listed companies on the Nairobi Securities Exchange dating from the 1990’s to the present-day;
  • Electronic collection of Information Memorandums and Prospectuses on various transactions approved by the Authority;
  • Basic key Capital Markets data and statistics;
  • Guide to e-resources that the Authority subscribes to online;
  • Provides an interface to accessing the Resource Centre collections through the Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC);
  • Provides a link for updating news and publications in the Resource Centre;
  • Provides an interface for engaging users to give feedback;
  • Creates a platform to link the users with our partners who are also using such platforms to deliver information.